Audio Mixing

How it works:

Audio mixing is always a collaboration between the artist and engineer. I’ll work with you to realize the vision you have for how your project should sound. I can also suggest a direction if you aren’t sure, and I can offer examples of different approaches.

If you are working in Pro Tools, you can send me your entire session if you like. If you are working with another DAW, I can help you export your individual tracks and upload them to me.

I will create a mix of each song, upload it for you to hear and comment on, and implement the changes you request. We'll work until the song has the impact you intend it to. My job is to get your record to sound how you want it to, not to impose my own sound on it.


Once your songs are mixed, the last step is mastering. The mastering engineer will bring an objective view, make any final sonic adjustments, bring them up to appropriate level (volume), and balance all of them into a cohesive record that flows well from beginning to end. They will also prepare the various file types needed for online release, streaming, physical CD's, or vinyl.

If you haven’t chosen a mastering engineer, I can recommend one. I work regularly with a few veteran mastering engineers, at various price points. I can deliver your project to mastering and help you evaluate the mastered recordings. This is the last step before you release your record.


Rates are on a per-song basis and vary depending on the type of project. Please email me at or via the Contact page form.

"I was nervous about mixing remotely, with me in Juneau and Justin in Gustavus -- but every step of the way he made it clear he was just as on top of the sound and responsive to my feedback as he would have been in the same room. He had all the tools we needed to get a fantastic sound out of my band, and he went to great lengths to try every trick in the book, analog and digital, to get it sounding just right."

Marian Call, musician and recording artist