Rusty Recordings offers Pro Audio services to the arts community worldwide, with a focus on artistry and sound quality.

The Beauty of Analog

No matter where you are, I can work with you online to make your music sound the way you want it to.

Audio mixing is a collaboration. I'll work with you until you are happy with how your songs sound.

Justin Smith with Mike Truax

Equipment by Prism Sound, Manley Labs, Bricasti, Rupert Neve Designs, API, Pendulum Audio, MCI, Neumann, Crookwood, Drip Electronics, and many others.

"When you compare a plug–in to the real thing, they almost sound the same, but the presence and energy is never quite the same. Everyone can make music now. Everyone can release it now, which means there’s so much product out there. And it’s all pretty decently made. So to cut a swathe through that as artists and producers you really have to step up and say, ‘Just being pretty good isn’t good enough.’ You need that last 10 percent of, ‘Oh wow, that really sounds good’!"

Hal Ritson in SOS, March 2016

Justin Smith

Musician, Audio Engineer

Justin has decades of experience as a professional musician and in recording, mixing and music production.

High Quality Audio Production
in Southeast Alaska

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