Much of the gear listed below was custom-built at the studio. Items marked with an asterisk were built to the schematics of the original vintage classics, often using original vintage components.



Crane Song Solaris mastering quality D/A converter

Prism Sound Lyra2 AD/DA interface

Burl Audio B2 ADC

Apogee Symphony I/O 16-channel AD/DA converter, with Symphony 64 pciE card and Thunderbridge

Weiss Digital DS1-MKIII Mastering Digital Compressor/De-esser

Weiss Digital EQ1-LP 7-band Linear Phase Digital Mastering Equalizer

Bricasti M7 stereo reverb processor

Apple MacPro



Crookwood M1-7AI mastering console

Tyler Acoustics Decade D1 full range loudspeakers

Amphion amp500 500-watt monitor amplifier

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP headphone amplifier

Audeze LCD-x headphones

Focal Professional Headphones



Manley Massive Passive stereo tube equalizer

Kush Audio Clariphonic Parallel equalizer

Barry Porter BPEQ stereo mastering equalizer

Drip/Pultec EQP-1A*

AML/Neve 1073 eq/preamps, x3*

Neumann W492 mastering equalizer reproduction*

IJ Research/Sontec stereo four-band parametric EQ*

Helios 69 stereo equalizer, point-to-point build with Jensen 990 op amps and Jensen output transformers*



Manley Vari-Mu Mastering Edition stereo tube compressor

Pendulum Audio OCL-2 stereo tube optical compressor

Anthony Demaria Labs ADL1000 tube optical compressor

Drip/Gates Sta-Level tube limiting amplifier*

Hairball/UREI 1176 "blue stripe" compressors, x2*

IJ Research MixBuzz stereo VCA compressor*

IJ Research/Neve 33609 stereo buss compressor*

SB4000 stereo bus compressor (SSL G-series reproduction)*

dbx160XT VCA compressors, x2


Other Processing:

Bricasti M7 stereo reverb processor

API-style summing amplifier with API 2520 op amps*

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5042 analog tape simulator

DIYRE Colour palette with Louder Than Liftoff tube module and tape delay

Little Labs VOG 



GML 8034, 4 channel ultra-transparent preamp

Demeter VTMP-3c tube microphone preamp

Drip REDD47 tube preamp*

AML 1073, Neve-style preamp and eq, X3*

Classic API VP26, API style preamps with API 2520 op amps, x4*



Large Diaphragm Condensers:

Neumann M149

D-U67 (hand made Neumann U67 reproduction,  fitted with vintage Neumann K67 capsule and vintage Telefunken EF86 tube), matched pair*

D-FET47 (Hand made Neumann 47FET reproduction, fitted with Neumann K47 capsule, and AMI 47FET reproduction transformer)*

Matador C12, matched pair (hand made AKG C12 reproductions, fitted with Tim Campbell CK12 capsules and vintage 1950's GE6072 tubes)*

Peluso 2247 (modified with Neumann K47 capsule)

Royer Mod custom tube microphone*


Ribbon Mics:

Royer R122V tube ribbon, matched pair

AEA R84 ribbons, x2


Small Diaphragm Condensers:

sE Electronics/ Rupert Neve RN17, matched pair

Miktek C5, matched pair

Mojave Audio MA-100 tube SDC's, matched pair




Heil PR48 kick drum mic




1957 Gibson GA-5 guitar amplifier

1949 Gibson GA-5 guitar amplifier

Carter pedal steel

Gibson lap steel

Matchless Chieftain 2-12 guitar amplifier

Warmoth Fender J-bass clone

Fender Stratocaster

Santa Cruz FS acoustic guitar

Santa Cruz Vintage Artist acoustic guitar

M-Audio Keystation Pro88 keyboard 



Pro Tools 2018

Izotope RX6 Advanced

Melodyne Studio 

Wavelab Pro 9.5

Waves Diamond Bundle

Fab Filter Pro Bundle

Sound Toys 5 bundle